Thursday, March 09, 2006


Who is this superstar?

The first guesser will receive an icon gift pack from my art site.

hint : this star is known to be male, and was just arrested on cocaine charges. He also denies the fact that his makeup was applied while driving...

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Heidi said...

George Michaels?

Shana said...

Funny I was thinking Boy George.....such a feminine mouth...looks female to me...boy george always did seem a little like a girl. But tjen now that Michiael Jackson has bleached himself??????

K said...

The second picture has me really wondering, that mouth looks a tad familiar. So who is it? Boy George sounds like a good guess.

Shana said...

I have commented on several of your entries...I notice my comments are not showing fact I notice none are showin up on most of your entries...go back and "dink" dude...they were good comments.

Stan said...

So sorry that I miss this mega give away sweepstakes, but that is alright because I would have guessed wrong and to the best of my knowledge I have never been wrong on any subject. However, it would be my guess that this was no other than my son in law prior to meeting my daughter and after a hard night of partying.

Lucy's Dilemma said...

That's totally Boy George. I've seen the interviews in which these stills were taken. :)

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