Saturday, March 11, 2006

The winner!!

Shana will receive a zip file, via email, of cursors and icons for personal use. Boy George is the flaming culprit. How old is he now? Fifty!? It's so hard to believe that the Brits haven't beheaded this scab of nature. I remember back to the mid eighties when Boy G. got off the plane at England's airport(for a concert), and officials put him BACK on the plane to leave. I think they did not appreciate his flare for style at that point, and it was before the "don't ask..." policy swept the world.

2 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

So does anyone realy know for sure whether this person is a male or a female? I do not think I have ever paid much attention to his music...he is too scary to look at. mellissa does a better job of applying her makeup. and the blue ear...whats with that???

Stan said...

I still think it is one of my son in laws, thin enough to be the plummer but the make up looks like it was put on by a mechanic.

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