Saturday, March 11, 2006

It seems, though linked on my blog, my art site isn't visited as much as I wish. As I have a serious counter involved, I am aware of who has been looking at my page(s) and when. I was told by my true love in spirit and in soul that I need to draw MORE OFTEN. She knows I need to for personal well being I will post regular, but cannot promise a new picture every time I'm on - due to the fact that it takes hours (about 10 on the moonshed(simple pic)) to create a picture that I feel is worthy of showing the general public. If there is a site dedicated to art that you think I should link to for widespread dispersement of art, please make suggestions. I am looking to distribute my name and talents with hope of being recognized in the "art community". I love plumbing, but, the body says, "20 more years?! I will if I must". My art is still my dream, and as long as pictures and poems fall out of my pen I will continue to let them fall on paper (even if only virtual). Blog about me - I'll buy the beer!

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Stan said...

I will visit your art site, but I did not realize that you had two sites until today when I discovered the links on my daughters site. I believe in the "world of art", are not we all artists in our own way? Look forward to more, but I know it takes a while to get that "artistic mood" in or.tder to produce something that you trully believe is good, but at times we are our own worst critics.

Shana said...

I always love to see your new work and I am glad we talked and now I know where you hide it...

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