In a study on stress levels at St. Mary's Hospital, subjects were given a picture of two dolphins jumping out of the water. Subjects were asked to rate the amount of difference between the two dolphins. In fact, both dolphins are identical.

Researchers concluded that a person is operating under stress if s/he finds the dolphins look different. The degree of difference a person reported was found to be directly correlated to their stress level (as measured on other conventional, more complex scales).

So, if you see a great many differences between the two dolphins in the following picture, you are advised to pack your bag, go home immediately and take a rest.

Examine this picture of two dolphins for differences.

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Anonymous said...

After reviewing the difference between the two bottle nose dolphins, I have concluded that they are indeed not bottle nose dolphins but the true black dolphin which is relativley rare due to the "greenhouse effect" that has encompassed the primary habitat of the "black dolphin" The Bottle Nose Dolphin has been spared from the "greenhouse effect" since the majority of these dolphins are held in captivity in variuous sealife parks around the world and like the buffalo no longer exist in their natural habitat. This can be contributed to the influence of TV into our daily lives, likely the TV program "Flipper" was the leading cause for the cappture of most of the Bottle Nose Dolphin and trranspoerted to sea life parks. The other noticeable differeence that I saw between the two dolphins was one was a male and the other was a female, they are one of the few species that can actually co-exist with the opposite sex without disagreements. We all could learn from the Dolphin.

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