Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Furnace don't Burn us.

Our boiler quit "actualling" yesterday morning, but the house was still 60 degrees. I went to the cold garage and found our two electric space heaters (one like a little radar dish - the other, I would say vintage-estimated 1902) and, with strategic placement, turned on to keep what heat we had. At that point, coffe seemed the right decision. I had it running again by wiggling contacts on one of the 1973 relays involved in it's complexity. It stuttered, whined, then fired up! I got it!
Went to a job to hook up 2 sinks. Meanwhile, the beast uttered it's last stutter - "b-d-buddip-bu-d-that's all folks!
I finished with the sinks, ran the youngest to a birthday party, then went home to slap the old furnace around. I would have had to make a trip to the parts store but my co-worker, Jeremy, had one for me at his house. He had no idea the relay was, instead of RIB (relay-in-a box), it was BIB (bad-in-the box) or, DOA. I called him again and whined - exclaiming of the Killians I had in the 'fridge and how it would be cold upon his arrival with a new relay.
We changed out the relay, had a Killians, test-fired it, another Killians, and kicked it in the teeth for a most pleasureable outcome of a properly working beast. Then we had another beer whilst sharing small talk of popsickle sticks and other misc. garble. I thanked him, again, gave him two house plants, bought him a box of girl scout cookies, and sent him on his way. I would have kissed him if he weren't such an ugly cuss. My hero. Now, I just have to keep it running long enough (May, or so) to consider about $2k for a new replacement. The house just won't be the same after a heart transplant. It IS getting harder to find parts for it when they break, and if the blower motor went bad, there might not be one available in all of this blessed USA. Say a prayer for our boiler as I did, often, yesterday (really, I just used The Almighty's name a bit when speaking to the piece of s@#*!). Maybe we should take up a collection fund for a new beast - I mean, the value of our home would increase 4 times the new heat system, and when we sell, the party's on me! It will be on the first of Octember.

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Stan said...

Sounds to me as if both you and Heidi had a tough Saturday, what a day! But I also had a similar day, the wind was blowing so hard I could not watch my satellite TV so I decided to take a nap at about 2 p.m. but again the wind kept me awake, so I gave up that idea and made a batch of fudge, ate five pieces with a cup of fresh gound coffee, after all that activity, I had no propblem of catchng my nap, Whew, what a day! To show you my heart is inthe right place, I would be willing to come up and "dinker" with your furnace, keep in mind that I am not a "dunker" but I love "tinkering" with someone elses stuffecause that is waht "dinker" does best, I am sure that I could solve your problem with a little "thinkering"!

Stan said...

I was just thinking about your furnace problems and possibly come up with the root of the problem. (1) Did you check to make sure you had the furnace turned on?
(2) Since the temperature in the house was 60 degrees, did you check your thermostat to make sure it was set above 60 degrees because the furance will only come on if the temperature falls below what the thermostat is set at.
I apologize for not coming up with the logical solution prior to you doing all that extra work. Next time, before you "dinker" and "tinker" call me because I am a "thinker". Have a good week at work!

Marty said...

I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with heater problems this winter. When you’re done working on your furnace if you need something else to do, you can work on my boiler. HaHa

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