Monday, March 20, 2006


So, my Mom gave me a 5LB. BAG of chocolate-covered espresso beans (I know they're mine 'cause no one else in the house eats 'em) and she knows I love them to the point of tears and cannot eat just ONE! With a surplus such as this, I could be wired for eons to come, but I usually choose to eat 10 or 12 (or, 20) because the flavor of the bean pieces in my mouth - left from the chew-up - leads me to believe I need more chocolate to "cut" the flavor in again (which, in turn, leads me to believe I need the bean pieces for consistency - then, chocolate - then, bean pieces - then...well, I think you get it). After 20 (or so) beans, I take care of all sorts of left-over chores, projects, and what have you - then, I eat MORE BEANS!! After a 3-day runner on sweet, bitter, loving poison, you could most likely dance on my head with Asian elephants (not African - they smell funny) and not stir the solitude of a well-deserved rest. With 0 trans fat, 0 cholesterol, and 0 sodium, I'm gonna eat some more beans! Wake me in May. Thanks, Mom!

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Stan said...

And, you critize me for havng nothng to do and taking a nap in the afternoon or having the time to make a posting in the middle of the day - how many beans have you eaten - in the event that you were not aware of it while under the influence of stright caffine, 3:28 p.m. is in the middle afternoon - come on John, wake up you are suppose to be at work, or if you did call in sick, you should be working on your own furnace. Follow the simple rule, a little maintenance while a piece of critical equipment, to keep my daughter and grand daughters warm, is working is much better than them having to wake up when it is cold and wait for you to complete a major repair project - stay off the beans and focus!

K said...

Ha ha, I can just picture you all cracked out on coffee beans!

Yum though, you have me craving some now with such a vivid description. Wonder where she got a 5 pound bag of it though, that woman always comes up with great gift idea's.

Marty said...

Now I have the craving.

Valette said...

So, wanna share that three pound bag?

Princess Sarah said...

well, that reminds me of when I had a five pound bag, at three bears, on my way to a girl scout campout training with Heidi, I shared my beans with anyone who wanted some, we were wired for sure, hHeidi had to take me for a "run!" so I could go to bed that night, how fun, I love coffee beans

JD Plumma said...


Shana said...

LOL your a nut....remember how those beans effect two little boys in the back of a warm van??????

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