Wednesday, March 22, 2006

............MS Windows Vista is delayed...

Bill Gates announced that MS' new version of Windows - VISTA - won't be available for the holiday season. They need to come up with new hardware issues that affect XP, I suppose. That way, no one will want to switch without purchasing a new tower - at the least. I think my Mellenium Edition keyboard will be, truly, obsolete.
But, what do we do with XP?

And what of my old power box?

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Stan said...

Appreciate you keeping us informed on the latest technolgy. It would appear that you do need to upgrade your system, the mouse wheel was a great concept, however it ran into some union problems. Seems that the mice had already signed binding contracts with microsoft that they would only be utilized to move your computer cursor around the screen. Arbitration developed and it was agreed that they could also be free of any ties conecting them to microsoft so the wireless mouse was developed, again because of the union contracts. Their contract also stipulated that each "mouse" would also be provided a place to live, so again, Microsoft had to provide each one of them with a "pad". The good news is that the old "mouse" power pack is being replaced with a new one from microsoft. They are going to "outsource" it to Mexico and utilize Chiuhua dogs (spelling in error - why don't they put a spell check in the comments section?) to power the new pack. Reading my latest Computer magazine, I guess there are some problems with it and it is rated as a real "dog", seems these little pups also have a binding contract and are entitled to take a siesta in the afternoon- consquently the www comes to complete halt between 1300 and 1400 each day. I would like to see them bring the jobs back to the good old USA and seriously consider squirrels or chipmunks! The fatality rate of these little critters on our national highways is to high, we need to get them off the streets and put them to work. How much further do you want me to carry this conversation?

JD Plumma said... far as you like to hear yourself, I suppose. Are you prepared for the "VISTA" change?

Stan said...

I do not need one, I was born right here in the good old USA plus I have a Retired Navy i.d. card, Alaska drivers license, federally issued U.S. Passport showing my nationality and country of origin so I do not need to worry about it, I think it only applies to aliens!

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