Monday, November 15, 2010

You've probably been paying attention, but

Have you seen the new TSA security measures
being used at airports? The choices of being
scanned to the birthday suit by equipment
that emits "very little radiation" or physically
have your modesty crushed by man/woman-
handling to get through the gate are becoming
the only items on the menu if you choose to fly.

Kind of on the fearful side of invasion, I think.
Wikihow has a good article about it for
information of what to expect.
Sure, we can't have terrorists
walking onto planes willy-nilly
with bombs in their shoes,
deodorant, or underoos. I
simply wish they (the terrorists)
would quit finding places to
hide bombs because i fear
what could come next.
It almost makes me want to
just stay home. If everyone
stayed home for two weeks
instead of flying busily around
the airlines would probably go
bankrupt and 100,000 new
security job positions cut
which, in turn, increases the
unemployment rate and
puts an end to a lot of jobs
created by stimulus dollars
and we simply can't waste that.
I only have 3 lumps to report
after getting scanned that
could be linked to the machine.
The rest, I think, came from
that taco in the airport food court =(*
Here's a copy of my recent
full body scan:

(no, it's not gumby)

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Been watching the fallout on the new security procedures on the news,for the "pat down" process they assure you that the same sex will conduct the search ~ well, I think I would prefer the opposite sex searching me! I want to be assured if I step on an aircraft, I will be safe and reach my destination, so security is mandatory. Even a "pat down" search can miss an explosive object as can a scanner. I think the ideal method would be to have a changing room, everyone has to go into the changing room and put on a hospital gown and their clothes in a clear plastic bag. The bag is inspected to insure their is no explosive and all articles of clothing are accounted for. Then you go through a scanner followed by a "pat down" before you get your clothes back and board your flight. Then we will be safe. Well, except for that two tons of freight that has been loaded in the cargo bay on a passenger flight that does not go through any security screening. Can you get 50 pounds of explosive in a 50 pound "fish" box?

Stan said...

This debate is really heating up ~ screaming children at security points, guys worried about their "junk", it is going to get uglier before it gets better.

jd plumma said...

america rebels.

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