Sunday, October 17, 2010

Party Ball

A lot of talk
and assumptions fly as
we approach a serious election in the
near future. Some would have us believe that
"one side" or "the other" should be supported
regardless of who the key figure is at the time
due to a person's view(s) of what color their shorts are.

A lot of views and ideals I agree
with may be rooted in one party, but there
is a much bigger problem that pushes and
stirs up who leads our country today,
where our resources are
being used, and where
or what our future lies.
Convincing our fellow Americans
that we can live conservatively
would be a good start, yes?
I just remembered - I need a new
cell phone and espresso maker
and one of them new pad thingys...


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RangerBill said...

Cute blog, I hope the outcome does not take over the cliff or that we don't get plowed by the party ball.

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