Friday, September 17, 2010

No pot of gold

Rainbows were plentiful this afternoon, though.
The heavy fog of the last 2-3 days over the Anchorage
bowl was high above the ground by late morning
today. The light was different and the air had
an unmistakable, crisp autumn feel.

Over 14"
note the wet leaf for a pillow

With faces blushed as if embarrassed to
be outwitted and caught by such a game
of hooks and sinkers, many reached
past the 12" mark on the ruler. Before
this goes further, there are different ways to
measure the length of a sport caught fish
that people use to explain the sizable catch.


There are suggested methods for getting all
the numbers (if it is not getting released)
but I like to be a little less invasive.
My fish are measured at standard length
and always will be when talking about a
one-number description in size. They are
then released ASAPAT (as soon as pics are taken).

a humble 16"

My new personal lake record
rainbow trout at just over 20".

Not the best picture, huh.?
He laid down beside my tape and, as I
hit the trigger, flipped while spitting the
hook and hit the water with a swimming bolt.
The meeting was a brief 20 seconds. You may
be thinking, at this point, "This is another fish
story with a poor picture quality of every
Sasquatch photo ever published." The next
set of pics should clear up any size question;

The 20" trout's head

Approximately 10 lb Coho head on the same spot.

Modified photo to show length by calculating arc.

Measured at "total length", this 'bow could
have been a 24" monster (if I chose the cheaters' rule).

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