Thursday, April 01, 2010

So, in honor of fools everywhere...

Including a younger brother in Calli.
I called the shop this morning at 6:15 AM, knowing that no body
would be in until the usual plumber's 6:30 and left this message :

"Hi, this is Jay Lion. I came in to work and there was
water everywhere! I think we have a bad seal. Please
call me at #... .... as soon as you get this."

I was actually there to see the reaction when the boss
called the number left in the message - the Alaska Zoo office.
The polite, patient lady at the zoo told her she was pranked.
you should see the number of calls the Cincinnati Zoo
gets every April fool's day - as well as zoo pranks past.
I would have gotten away with the prank completely if I
could have kept a straight poker face. To ice the cake, an
email I sent them, of a pranky nature, was opened by 2
in the office within 20 minutes of each other. I heard of
the reaction from another and has me on a
list of get-backs, I'm sure.

you didn't get an email from me today, did you?...

...happy april first, brother...

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Stan said...

That is a classy joke, loved it. Jay Lion and bad seal, clever. I wish I could pull off jokes but I am so damm honest.

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