Records in the last 20 years show that winds caused
by the sun's energy are increasing steadily
which has changed the speed of the earth's rotation
around the sun. A faster turn that has been more
closely examined proves certain changes in the
atmosphere, the tides, and even the colors we see.
The British Mail on Sunday announced that the sky was
becoming less blue. It cited a 14 year study conducted at
the Loof Lirpa University in Amsterdam which had used
special digital cameras and color charts to measure subtle
shifts in the sky's color. The study's researchers had found
that the "'coefficient of blueness'... has drastically diminished
from 9.3 percent in 1996 to just 6.9 percent this year."
As a consequence the length of the day has decreased over
the past two decades, meaning that the calendar was now
inaccurate. Top scientist in the matter, Hugh Phelfrett said,
"Just as February has an extra day in leap years,
we conclude that March ought to have 30 days once every
100 years, not 31… If we start the adjustments this year we
should be back on track. In other words, today should
be April 2 , not April 1 ".

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Stan said...

Come on Plumma, you are always stirring! First you get the populace in an uproar over green house gas effects, then you start the Global Warming myth, then you start planting the seed on the return of the Ice Age. Now, you are telling us we have a "hot wind affect", my mind is spinning out of control! What can we do to prevent this latest threat to our existence? I think we should have a Congressional committee investigate it! Perhaps that is the cause of the stronger winds, it is all that "hot air" being exhaled in Washington D.C. Next you will be trying to tell us that Cougars are sneaking across the Alaska Border.

jd plumma said...

The cougars are REAL. So is all that hocus pocus about the climate.........
This post happens to be farse.

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