Thursday, April 29, 2010

Only 40 years of oxygen left?

So, rumor was, some global scientist's studies
could lead us to believe we will use up all of
our oxygen in the next 4 decades. To
conserve our precious oxy, he suggested
that our nasal passages should be clean
and receptive to oxygen available.
Then, we should all plug one nostril
and we shall have 8 decades (not 4)
to fix it with only 1/2 of the oxygen use.
He's a thinker - that one. More conservative
measures may be needed for more time.

Maybe he has
a better idea to clean up the 100 mile (+)
oil spew in the Gulf instead of gathering
up quantities and setting it afire....?...
Maybe we need to "one-up" the volcano?
By the way, the leak has been found to
be producing around 210,000 gallons
a day - not 42,000..."I'm very confident that
this is a new leak, something that was not
there earlier this afternoon," Doug Suttles
of BP told reporters yesterday.
SE winds have begun to blow the
mass into wetlands...great.
So they have poked a hole in the globe
that they can't patch under a mile of water.
.434 psi per foot of head/depth x 5280 feet
= 2291 psi. The oil pressure is greater...

who wants to go cork it?

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Stan said...

Well with that startling news, I have already formed a plan. I am going to keep my nose open to breathe the clean, fresh air stimulated by the wind off of Cook Inlet and the Anchor River. I want to continue that tradition. Therefore, tomorrow, I an going to town and buy up every balloon I can find and going to stop stock piling oxygen reserves. Is it a coincidence, that we have a major oil incident within a week following the announcement by the President that he was going to "open" the eastern seaboard and gulf to additional off shore drilling? Yea, the same guy that said he would not during the campaign but has had a change of heart. Oh, oh, upset his anti-oil exploration groups ~ got to find a way to reverse my decision, the last one I made not the first. I know, "let's have a major oil spill", then as President I can only do my duty and close everything down. Wow, it is mind boggling what diabolical plans can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

Stan said...

I am going to "start stock piling oxygen", not "stop" I need all the oxygen I can get.

jd plumma said...

me too. the oxygen.
the timing of the spill did strike me as a bit odd that way.
I figured that I mentioned BP in the post would get enough attention without a powerful political statement.

Stan said...

For some reason, oil spills and economic downturns always seem to coincide. Exxon incident, Alaska was in a bad slump, home mortgages higher than appraised values, high unemployment numbers. Odd that the same conditions exist today. No, even big oil and government would not use a oil spill for a economic stimulus plan to a depressed area. Strictly coincidental.

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