Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old ads are funny

You ain't makin' me switch!

Tired of trying to lose weight?
Try this old cure:

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Stan said...

Remember the Tareyton ads, I think Terry smoked them for awhile. Now the other ad, I do not remember! Hell of a diet program, but at least they "santized" them and put them in a jar. How did they stay alive in a jar? How do you bathe a tape worm to get them clean? Who would want to eat one? Questions that I will ponder today. They used blood suckers for many years as a method of transferring blood and cleaning blood. It is a wonder "mankind" has survived the medical profession. I wonder if the "tape worms" will be covered under our new National Medical Plan.

real eyez said...

That is funny I read somewhere about that women actually did that!
How crazy.

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