No, wait! That's just one of the 4,000 oil rigs out there.
If we're worried our lawnmowers are destroying the
atmosphere, have we really looked at our job-making,
family feeding, extravagance-providing industries
(flights, oil, cruise lines, etc) and what feeds them?
Will scientists ever be able to predict volcanic eruption?
At least we know what causes earthquakes now.
I should get away from this mental frame and

plan a vacation

actually, i was thinking of HITWRA

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Stan said...

Currently all electronic data in HITWRA indicates no subsurface activity, although some steam is escaping from the vent area in the vicinity of Grannies Gulch with a new vent also appearing under the NE corner of the Wolf Den. Buddy Warren weather station indicates no unusual activity, however, Lower Kroc Pond has lost all of the ice cover early and water temperatures are 38 degrees warmer than the past six year average. The erector scale mounted on the Moose Den has shown only a slight increase in activity in the 10 pound range. Water in the "water extraction site" is only 8.5 degrees above freezing level, personally tested. No eminent danger in area but cannot predict what may occur the latter part6 of May.

real eyez said...

I did not realize there were that many oil rigs out there and this may sound like a dumb question but was this one supposed to be on fire?
As far as the HITW it better be in the "all clear" status soon (before the beginning of June)!

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