source : unknown aviation expert in Europe

I suppose the humor I see here is that traveling
probably wasn't the same 130 years ago when
Iceland blew it's top in a similar way. Come to think,
travel wasn't so immense just 20 years ago! I think
someone was just trying to sound smart in a situation
he was on the spot and, actually, has no answer. Imagine
if this should continue through the year what
effects it will have on the earth, overall.

I should have said in the last post. My mistake
in research of the 1783 eruption of Laki. I have
posted information previously about the year
without summer in Europe. Scientists are only
speculating (of course) this may be a year to
match that event of famine, drought, and cold.
We may just get some glaciers back! Does it
make any sense to charge industry or any
other for carbon dioxide emissions when
Iceland could be paying for all of our woes
if we already had a global carbon tax imposed?
...unless they agree to shut the mountain off...

Hey! ...Al!...HEY AL!!

Do you think it's time to stop raping the world of
it's riches, yet?! I already think you're an ass for
playing on human hysteria and riding your fame
but maybe "Goracle" butt-kissing followers and
the Democratic parties in general will have to open
their eyes when they dig a foot of snow off their
walks in June next year.

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Stan said...

Wow, the is the most profound political statement that I have ever heard you make, but you are right on! As soon as I read your headline, your thoughts came to mind. "The worst travel disruption in the history of the world". To support that profound statement, I think we can blame ole Orville and Wilbur for this major disruption in air traffic. If that had not invented that damm airplane, we would not be having this problem right now. I could have told them it was not going to work. If God had intended man to fly through ash plumes, he would have given us feathers! Dumb brothers, why didn't they think of this before unleashing that crazy flyin machine on mankind. I figure by now, all the countries in the world can emit their gases for the next 1,131 years and still do less damage than the mountain under the ice. Tapping into the thermal heat source of the volcano is the secret to end our problem with fossils fuels. Using that energy to heat our homes and generate electricity would lower the gas prices at the pump to 39.9 cents per gallon.

RangerBill said...

Maybe Iceland will reverse all concern for global warming when the volcanic plume brings with it cooling and triggers the next ice age.

jd plumma said...

You HAVE been paying attention, Bill! have you been in my archives?
As soon as I get you elected to office, Stan...

Friar Tuck said...

The thing I don't like about all of this is that we have to make everything like the biggest ever, the craziest ever, the worst ever etc...It speaks of the hyperdramatic tendencies of our culture, which drives me nuts.

I think you do a good job of speaking against the hyperdramatic with a little dramatic flare. Well done.

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