Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I laughed and chuckled when I saw this

...but probably because it scared me a little...
built in 2005

If you think that's crazy, you should see this competition.
Although "green-going" companies and sponsors use "saving the world"
as a line in this contest's endeavor, it looks to me more like
"escaping the world" and another fine use of many
of our precious and limited resources. The use of resources
doesn't bother me much as long as we have the means to
escape after we've mined, drilled, exploded, and scraped
this planet dry...or maybe we need to send these crafts out
to mine other orbs and bring back the goods.

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Stan said...

I thought it to be phony at first, a couple of people bent over and using their legs, but seeing the end of the video and the skeleton, I have to assume it is so. Would love to have one to carry me down to the fishing hole, better than a horse, no feed. Is your garage being used at the present time?

Stan said...

Was wondering how long it would take! Global Warming experts are now declaring that the volcanic eruptions in Iceland are caused because of the ice melting due to global warming and exposing the volcanoes. Reportedly, the ice was keeping the volcano capped off, until it weakened due to global warming. It took them less than 36 hours to work up that theory!

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