Sunday, January 31, 2010

POP quiz : Who sang this?

"Come on try it, you can buy it, you can leave it next week, yeah
Somebody give me a cheeseburger"

(this should be MORE than a hint):

(image by wikipedia)

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Stan said...

O.K., I am laughing to myself! Did not know your trivia answer, so I decided I would short circuit the system and get a clue from the picture. Clicked on "image by wikipedia"! I am assuming it is not Richard Gavin Reid, 6th Premier of Alberta from 1934 - 1935! Well, at least that is who showed up. I wonder if he is a relative of Senator Harry Reid?

jd plumma said...

could be, but this is not him.

jd plumma said...

that pic taken last year

jd plumma said...

Another hint :
Paul Ramon co-wrote, and played bass for, "My Dark Hour" for their 1969 album - Brave New World.

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