When the average American is told that the dollar has lost 95%
of its purchasing power since the inception of the Federal Reserve
in 1913, they look at you with a blank stare and start wondering
whether American Idol is on TV tonight......

One could call them for a brief conversation
to verify any of this information as fact or fiction,
but who wants the scare? More than one leader
(ie ; Thomas Jefferson, 1787)
in our nation's history was aware of the corruption
involving the Central Bank of America before the
inception of The Federal Reserve in 1913 - The Glass Bill -
which was immensely regretted by our President
Woodrow Wilson a few years later - claiming to have
"ruined" our country by this action of giving control
of the nation to our system of credits.

As I spent 1.5 hours writing this post, realize
the ADHD boy in me got lost searching quotes
from some of our leaders, over 200 years ago,
that worried our nation would be where it is today.....
There have been many smart people leading our
nation in the past that we should learn from.
Thus, a new section to my Grande Index has been added:

-- Forefathers Quoted --

Any quote of interest you might present me will be
considered to add to the wisdom here, from our past, to
help us guide the future. More of our leaders, as well as citizens,
should read through these quotes and search through
our nation's past, and others, before discerning
appropriate action(s) that will affect our society.

What have we learned? If Adam could go back to the
Garden of Eden, would he still eat the forbidden fruit?


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Stan said...

Well written and some great research. Especially enjoyed the new index on quotations, especially President Wilson's in 1913. How appropriate today. As often as our politicians refer back to our forefathers, why don't they follow their advice? Federal Reserve, now that is a play on words. When did they eliminate the law that for every dollar printed there had to be that amount of gold on deposit at Fort Knox? Those big vaults at Fort Knox must be empty now, I wonder what they use them for now? I doubt the vaults would hold enough gold to cover our deficit! I will watch for some apprpriate quotes for your index.

jd plumma said...

If I compiled ALL the worthy quotes to read, it might be quite a task. Gimme your best.

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