Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who would have known?

Although not on record as ever being in the area, it
appears that a few Bighorn have made their
way over the mountain range from Canada.
Recent rumor of such had just graced my earshot.
It could be that an over population of cougars
has driven some of them away from their
typical territory. Sheep were on my mind
during our recent highway trip North and,
through Turnagain Arm, I captured a few
"blind" photos by point-toward-the-subject-
and-hope-it-gets-in-the-frame method(s).
While looking over all the pics from our
trip, I stumbled onto what seems to be a
Stone (or, Bighorn) ram just standing there
looking! It was getting dusk which made it
hard to discern in the dark and lacking
much if any definition of color, but some light touches with an editor to brighten the subject
and you can be the judge of the breed :

God forbid the cougars follow them in....

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Stan said...

Wow, you did capture one! Good shot! Will be headed north within the next 24 - 36 hours to take advantage of the unusual migration. Has to be during the weekday as I will also need to go to the Dept. of Agriculture to make sure they know that yet another intrusive weed has invaded Alaska. Did not ever think I would see the day that sagebrush would be growing in Alaska. Must be something to do with global warming or perhaps the "Big Horns" tracked the seeds in on their hooves ` least they could do is to wipe their feet before they cross the border.

Friar Tuck said...

nice pic

jd plumma said...

It IS peculiar that sagebrush is at his feet, no?

real eyez said...

I am wondering if I should move back with all the strange animals people are seeing!

Stan said...

Almost makes me feel like I am Nevada or northern Colorado in the sage brush where I saw the Bull Moose this past fall. I just wonder what we are going to call the cross breeds between the Dall and the Desert Bighorn. Perhaps, Desert Dall or Horny Dall ~ just wondering.

jd plumma said...

i see that creativity has not left the weary, seasoned minds...

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