Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mountain lions?! In Alaska?!

There has been at least a couple of cougar sightings reported a year in our state.

In December 1998 a wolf trapper reportedly snared a mountain lion on South Kupreanof Island, and in November 1989 a mountain lion was shot near Wrangell. These are the only two documented accounts of mountain lions killed in Alaska.

"There are mule deer and elk in the (Upper Stikine), and I can see mountain lions moving down searching for deer, one at a time drifting in, then mating. In another 50 years - it's just speculation, but I could see a breeding population establish in Southeast Alaska." Ed Crain, Petersburg area biologist in the 1990s.
Are mountain lions moving in to our state from Canada?! We (someone) should put a stop to this at once! If the damn Canadians can't control their animals, then, we need to build a fence between our beautiful state and this country of undisciplined creatures before they increase in numbers - preying on the food of our indigenous wildlife. In fact, we should vote on opening an "aerial hunting" for them. We have already been invaded by Northern Pike - who eat our trouts' food (and them), and the season is always open for these "outsiders" - with no bag limits.

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Stan said...

Great idea Plumma, I am in favor of the fence concept, although it does not seem to work to well on our southern border. Some see a fence as an object to jump over, if a fence was installed, it might keep the lion out but what about the illegals from down south, jumping two fences and getting into Alaska. There was a lion sighted several times in Homer last winter - had a diet of kittens and dogs - almost put the animal control officer out of a job so there is also a positive side of the equation.

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