If she could speak, she would tell you.

The rest of us (humans and critters) slept soundly,
probably even snoring on occasion, while this little mutt,
of certainly less than ten lb. mass, stayed awake finding
new, creative ways to decorate the living room and
upstairs carpet(s) with spots and trails of choc.
harf. Being the nervous and energetic, high-
strung thing she is, she has not slept for
more than a 5 minute nap since I saw
she was having problems around
6AM, this morning. Knowing full
well of the chocolate carpet, the
determination in ailment was easy.
In fact, the only symptom she
did not display before 10AM,
this morning, is a coma......

I don't reckon she considers herself as lucky
as we consider her, but the toxin (theobromide)
has diminished drastically and shows obvious in
her blue, not-twitching-like-meth-anymore
eyeballs and can relax for extended periods of
time (10 minutes) without quivering. It
would be my bet, however, that even a critter
as pin-headed as her would not touch chocolate
again - at least in such quantity.

DARE To keep
your pets off

I will let you know when Lily has actually
"come down" for the great sleep, but please
keep chocolate out of your pet's reach.

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I know the "situation" very well. October 1967, Alaska State Ferry. Brand new (1967) Plymouth Barracuda. One new pet (Ringo) acquired from family in Colorado on our pass through there from Florida to Alaska. One five pound box of "See's Chocolates" acquired in California because they were my wife's favorite chocolates. One policy of Alaska State Ferry System, pets could not be outside the vehicle. One brand new car, a empty box of chocolates, one very sick dog, and the carpet was no longer black. P.S. "Ringo" survived and was a very good dog but chocolate was never on his menu again. My condolences on having to clean up!

jd plumma said...

she hasn't eaten much, yet, and hides under a blanket in the living room, but has great promise in that "not-coma-thingy".

real eyez said...

Hmmm...strangely this is VERY familiar to us! One year we got a box of Russel Stove's chocolate from a certain family in Anchorage (no names :) and our wonderful dog Whinney got under the tree and ate the entire box. She was deathly ill enough that she was let into the eagles nest during Christmas and all she did was stand there with her butt in the air and weave back and forth, I am not sure if you guys were there! The next day I think she finally exploded. It was the most foulest thing ever!

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