Monday, December 14, 2009

Hard to believe....


Christmas is
near! I mean
that this is a
Christmas tree!
as strange of creation
this is, many more fit
the "weird" category of
Christmas decor. Moscow
has quite a taste for abnormal
flair this year, although pretty :

but, this has to be my favorite
of the household models I have viewed :

It IS actually alive and well as part
of this house and decorated on each floor.

An unnatural, yet intriguing, tree that caught
/////////////////my eye\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
is my
of all
trees .
(It got's

What's in your house?

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Those are neat, in the top one I can see at least one "toilet" plunger and a paint roller. I like the one that is going through the roof. Where was the u-tube video taken, I would guess New Orleans. So, how do you like Microsoft 7 ~ still on a learning curve or was it easy to convert over. Need to talk to you about external hard drives, looked at the HP SimpleSave. It has 1 TB (however much that is)which I know is a bunch, reading the reviews it is easy to use which impressed me! I like easy! I am starting to get to much on this system that I do not want to get lost in cyberland. However, to answer your question, in my house the traditional tree

Stan said...

It is 3:00 in the morning, where are you at?

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