Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fishing in my "favorite" lake is great!

The eighteen inch powerhouse

If you like 2 dark coho to every 10" rainbow.
One that bit fought differently than the
previous 2 hook-ups on silvers.
It turned out to be an 18"
silver salmon that almost
had the markings of
the sought after
trout - aside
from black gums
and getting red
banded colors in the
start. A fine specimen
of coho for a lake dweller
ready to head for the streams
above to spawn. Some of them
are just beyond chrome bright
and fight like champions, so I have
no valid complaint about fishing
the morning light for an hour when
I released so many fish from the
same bank. There was only one
'bow that measured 12". The rest
were 8" - 10" consistently. All
of the coho, aside from my 18"
beauty, bit the hook the same
way - hooked in the back of
the left side, right in the
corner of the mouth. The 18"
silver was hooked at the
tip of the nose, thus fighting
different . I will continue
my search for the "big one"
in the lake, but for now,
I let them rest and find
some-thing else
to do.


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Stan said...

Looks like you found a little paradise close to home. Nothing like a few rainbows before you go to work. Silver run is still lagging behind, historic low since weir has been in place. As of 9/3 only 2,268 silvers counted. A few fish less than 5,000 compared to last year. Happy anniversary!

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