Monday, April 06, 2009

Trouble understanding speeches?

I have some serious trouble with speeches. The
current President's, especially.

Not that I don't
understand the point that is being made, but the
patience to wallow through the worded sentences,
pick out the meaningful words that pertain to
the subject at hand and make sense of it without
being a thought confusing grandeur of American
English proves a task that eludes many. Some
just turn off the "understander" and take a nap.

I ran across (or, stumbled upon) something, yesterday,
that might help you get to the root of any winded
speech without daydreaming or snoozing through it's
entirety. To my surprise, a program called the
"automatic text summarizer"
is, in my book, a very creative, insightful design
allowing any ordinary ADHD citizen to actually
cut all the pork out of speeches - leaving just the
basic points and facts to be considered.
To not get too wordy, here is a link to one of
President Obama's speeches in it's entirety :

~His acceptance speech~
(to the elcted Presidency)

Although Sen. John McCain speaks more "simply put",
his speeches could use a trimming as well.

Here's what to do :
Copy all (or, a large portion) of one of these, or any,
speech you have little patience for listening to and
copy into the box of THIS PROGRAM. It has a six
sentence minimum. You may be surprised
at how easy the speech is to understand and follow
without all the flowery filling. I tested this on a
verbose web site that I follow.

Here is the original writing by the author.
(used without his consent)

The summarized version :

"I came across an article tonight posted on the Internet by Yahoo News.
The title was "100 Movies To See Before You Die".
Keeping in mind, the genres of movies that I enjoy I was really disappointed that only one of John Wayne's movies made the list, "The Searchers".
A good classic, "Bonnie and Clyde" made the list, it was a good movie for the time.
After they watched "Bonnie and Clyde", I took the movie, projector, and screen home.
We had a house party with several friends and had a great time watching Clyde and his machine gun...."

Try this summarizer the next time you fall asleep during
a speech and I'm sure you will have an easier time following it!
If only books would be available in a "summarized"
version, I would do a lot more (or, some) reading!

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Stan said...

No prattling this time, been trying to get on the internet for over an hiour, may loose me. I am in Denver, waiting my flight. Would surely appreciate it if there were a Black Ford F-150 at the airport waiting for me. If no volcano gets in the way, I will be in at 1404 on Flight 95 today. Sending in case I loose you.

Stan said...

One hour and I can at least check in my suitcase, tired of carting it around. The Denver airport is almost as dead as SEATAC after midnight. When did airports start clsoing at midnight? They use to be small cities that never slept,now the ticket counters even close. Alaska Airlines clsoes at 6:30 P.M. Perhaps, someone should invent airplanes with headlights so they can fly at night. Pushing my luck onthis connection, down to two bars ~ I am out of here.

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