As the stimulus dollars "engorge" our fine country,
new jobs have been created to man building and
road projects. A lot of these marked projects are
not really warranted due to necessity but, rather,
for the show. The way the dollars are being doled
out has more to do with our big production (show)
for the world than it does with supplying the jobs
with the right tools of the trade.

It all sounds great! New jobs! Yay! Where are the
tools with which to do all these newly planned projects?
We should be sure that wooden nickles get distributed
to each and every citizen also. If we buy a 10,000 lot
at a time, the cost is only $.0819 apiece! Then we just
need to design a system to spend them on something!
Just about Anything! Our US dollars will fail sooner
than later and we'll need a back-up plan...

For those not ready to go the long road and face the
consequences of our country's action, I'm afraid
that juicing would be the only other way out.

Our great grandkids will have the money for rent...


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