Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All seems well in blogland

Saving all the links and lists on my
Grande Index Page
has been a chore that will continue
to aggravate and enthrall me until
I'm satisfied with the results - overall.
If browsing these pages you notice
flaws or missing sites or people,
please make me aware so the proper adjustments
can be made (at my discretion, of course).
A lot of adjustments and additional lists
are to be added, but your input is appreciated.
In the meantime, I plan to get back to a
senseless array of thoughts and dribble
from my wasteland of a mind. Please enjoy -
or, don't for all I care.

4 opinionated prattle:

jd plumma said...

gimme input. what other index menu(s) would you like to see?

Stan said...

Neat, clean, organized, attractive a nice looking work site, unlike pictures that I have seen in the past of your work truck. Perhaps, yourself and I are the most active bloggers that I know and as well, we always take the time to post a few comments. However, you know what a sensitive person that I am. My damm feelings are really hurt that you did not include my blogsite in your listing. Could not find it in "family" so I thought perhaps you would include me as just a friend. No, I am not a friend either. You have crushed me, now I do not even feel like blogging! Flatulant disorder made the list, he blogged 6 months ago! Is it because I live in rural Alaska and you city folks don't want to associate with us "country" folk ` hey, we have feelings.

Stan said...

P.s. Like your spider, been playing with him for the past hour, don't take much to entertain me. I really like the "turtles", you can have turtle fights with them ~ don't think there is anything wrong in "turtle fights" it is not like they are not protected.

jd plumma said...

I though I had all the kinks worked out and my tees crossed. Come to find out your link was not on the list! Thank you for bringing it to my attention, and please accept my apologies. Homer's site WAS linked, but listed as Erratic Howlings. Let me know if you find any other flaws.

The spider IS cute, huh? Most will never find out he is reactive to the cursor. If I can figure out how to rewrite the codes, I will have him all over the screen.

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