Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween in Homer...

...was chilly, but good fun. One house -
decorated beyond what a reasonable 8 hr
work day could produce - captured our
interest. We thought we may be walking
into a haunted house of sorts but they
just had enough decor and electronics
to put one on if they desired. Rumor
is they pull out all the gear each year
and add to it. The "Jones's" that would
be hard to keep up with as neighbors,
I'm sure. With the temperature low and
parents following kids, the roads were
hardly passable by vehicle.

Had a few good walks along the slushy
river and even dropped a hook and bead
while visiting the Peninsula.

Rocks were frozen around and a shelf
of ice stretched 8 feet from shore.
I was just trying to remember how many
winters I spent - growing up in Homer -
that Beluga Lake was worthy to skate on
before the first of November.(?) It might
be a cold enough winter to put this year
in record standings if this pattern continues.

I just hope the Arctic Circle, shipping lanes,
and polar bear swimming grounds aren't
closed in by ice...but I should save all that
for another subject.

Arriving at home, again, the mail was brought
in by a healthy armload just to discover that
about 75% of it was political, last-minute
outreach for those few who cannot make
up their minds.
This JUST the political junk mail :

most in double and some
only "not this guy" ads. Ever read about
Hooper Humperdink? I think I'll vote
for him (he never gets invited to the party).
It's bad enough to see the
paper and ink wasted on our behalf as our
minds are pretty much made up on the whole
ball of wax, but do they have to send doubles
just to be sure we got it!? I only hope that it
was printed on American paper! As a conservative
and resourceful citizen, these products will not
go wasted - they make great kindling for the
fire pit.

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Stan said...

Not only are the mail boxes full of duplicated mailers, most of us also feel very popular in the amount of e-mail we get each day. I did have a alot of new found friends in my email: Sarah Palin, John McCain, Orrin Hatch, Ted Stevens, Don Young but evidently the Democrats do not like me, I have not heard one word from what's his name, on yea, Obuma. Reading your blog and scanning your world map, I discovered one thing. I did not realize that Canada was such a small country. It is smaller than Alaska, we could easily take it over and add it to our natural resurce inventory. Do we already own all those states that surroundf Canada?

j, d plumma said...

I'm sure you've watched "Canadian Bacon"?

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