Thursday, July 03, 2008

The blossoms have lost their shine,

But they have not lost their beauty.
All of the little white flower petals drop
off when they begin to produce
their pride and joy. Why are the
little green knots on the stems
so exciting?!

In other news...
Since the greenhouse got the glass,
things are starting to happen in the yard.

If you look close, you may still be able
to see the top corners of the greenhouse
in the middle of the overgrowth.
I knew that extra growth of the foliage
would be eminent inside the new structure,
but the wife has plenty of weed eating to
do when she gets home or we'll never get
our four (4) tomato plants in there!

Tay & I shall trek South (or, is that West?)
this evening with a couple of Buffalo.
It's good, as a wolf, to follow a herd and
pick up any stragglers. We just happen
to be too sophisticated a clan to eat them.

If we had one of these, we would see you in
about 45 minutes!......

we don't - so expect us in the HITWRA late.

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