Saturday, February 02, 2008

The tank is not the same

The new President won't be either.
The politics of my aquarium have
changed drastically with the loss of the
. The others - aside from our 14" pleco -
have been a lot more social and are "wrestling"
for the newer order of peck. It seemed a good
opportunity to add new members to the existing
community as the order isn't apparently chosen
yet. The larger severum (6") would like to
act the toughest, but the smaller jewel (3")
can put him in his place when challenged.
It seems they are campaigning for
a new leader's position - like
a new president. The
different "parties" each
play roles in deciding which of
the candidates will be the new ruler.
In comparing my tank to our current state
of election for President, I can see how the groups
display their power to possibly intimidate the
others' followers to their rule. Due to the
similarities, I will use my aquarium
to predict the Presidential
outcome before summer.
I would even temporarily name
the fish after candidates - if I liked
any of them (the candidates).
Stay tuned for the
"divine" outcome prediction. The
big difference, as I see it, is that
the aquarium is relaxing to
watch and they can't get out
and harm us.....i hope.

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Stan said...

I always like to be the first to post comments. You use the fish to determine the outcome of the forth coming elections, my divination will come from my Doppler Radar. Currently a tropical depression is forming in the south so it is likely to "blow hard" and could be the first hurricane of the season, it will be named Hillary. Still forecasting the others. Your fish may be more accurate.

Stan said...
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justlittleolme said...

I love to watch fish swim, it is so relaxing!

Shana said...

Man this world is coming to craziness...lets rock paper scissors it...someone always

I will be waiting for updates on the political race in your tank...

and father keep an eye on the doppler...let me know when spring is here....

Justlittleolme said...

I really do miss your daily postings, I have you on my "favorite" list! Like your profile to!

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