During the last posting an error was made.
In mistaken proof-reading, I missed a number
that read inaccurately. The posted "22 inches
of snow" should have read "2.2 inches...".
Regretting any miscalculations on your
part pertaining to sensitive scientific studies,
I know a lot of important people use this site
as a factual point of reference and
apologize sincerely.

That said, the wind picked up drastically
this afternoon - with gusts near 50 knots -
flexing the windows to the point of "Don't
stand in front of it!" gaped eyes. You think
that would make me reconsider mocking
an Alaskan storm as I pick twigs from the ice rink.

The scarecrow in the hot tub took a severe
beating but never left his post, and we
still haven't any crows to speak of.
The temperature is not what one would
expect with a blizzard wind, but kind of
spring-like in the warm, moist sense of
46 degrees and dripping eaves.
The winds have reduced to puffs of breeze
at this time - as if they never shook
all that snow off the trees onto my newly
cleared driveway. I want snow for what
to call a GOOD blizzard - am I teasing it?
don't blink...the wind has picked up, again
as I type. Still not very threatening as far
as storms in LA go. A good night's sleep
and we'll see how the scarecrow weathers.

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Stan said...

In comparison to our blizzard, I thought that a 22 inch storm was a slight excess, however, never knowing you to fabricate I took your word, especailly when I saw the pictures of your backyard. I was almost ready to head north with the plow truck and pick up some extra work. I am glad that you made a retraction and clarified how the error was made, you simply missed a period! Don't feel this error will diminish my trust in your word, however, I will invoke the Reagon / Russian rule. "Beleive what they say, but verify"

j, d plumma said...

a missed period could be a bad thing. Trouble, I suppose, if you're too young or menopause if you are Shana's age.
My posts will continue to be factual and precise as they have always been and I will continue to present the facts as made clear to me.

Shana said...

See I told you that old man has gone crazy...these night shifts are messing with his brain....lol
i am assuming both the "too young and the menopause" comment would fit my life...hehe...have to try everything...As for my age...you just remember that real soon you will once again jump ahead of me.....you will always have that six months on me...so let me know how it feels to be forty when you get there...

Stan said...

I apologize to other readers of this site, perhaps the word "point" would have been more appropriate than my use of "period" in my comment, as it seems to have set off a dialogue between readers pertaining to something that has nothing to do with the amount of snow. In a long stretch it perhaps could play a role from the male perspective, "hmmmmm, period, hell I might as well go out and shovel snow"

j, d plumma said...

Take it like it comes!
That's my motto - period!

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