Sunday, February 17, 2008

As far as "blizzards" go

this is pretty mild. It has been snowing
ALL DAY and we have accumulated about
22 inches. Granted, the neighborhood moved
over 12 inches worth from their own driveways
just yesterday, but the wind is just a breeze
enquiringly bold enough to clear most tree
branches of extra weight. There ARE calls for
chance of snow through next week and it could
still surprise us into a "snow day"(which is a
pretty good movie). Although weather is
considered "severe conditions" and we might
not move our vehicles until April, we will
somehow manage the storm and help to
dig the neighbors out also.

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Stan said...

Wow, if you got that much snow,is the reason our blizzard was not as severe as predicted. We had heavy wind asnd blowing snow, it was ugly bnut we actually got little snow, must havce blown it allnorth to your yard - at least you have some insulation for your rink. Heidi will have a little snow to shovel to find the rink, should be able to do that between loads of laundry.

Stan said...

I speakth to soon, checked the doppler - ugly. Since my posting of 22 minutes ago, snowing hard, wind, and if I go to the Inn today, I am going to need to plug in Suzy to find my way. Can't see it from here.

j, d plumma said...

Not snowing at this time - must find the ice, again - scrape surface and "skim" before the next snow sets in. Never saw cows flying, but had good gusts of wind. Bigger hopes for this week's blizzard finish!

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