Thursday, February 14, 2008

As far as debates go,

My fish have been "wrestling" since the departure of the big cat.
Taking Stan's advice, I engraved a tombstone for his
memory - hoping the sight of it will remind
the "candidates" that bigger powers
DO exist, and everyone should
make effort to get along.
The lettering should improve
with age, algae and such and will
be easier to read.....oh, yeah.....the fish
can't read.....but Americans can - even if half
of it needs written in Spanish, maybe there is a
"stone" to prop up in Washington (D.C.) to remind
the presidential candidates of the same idea...

In other news, the ice rink has been used consistently
and has my satisfaction as a whole - considering
the effort put into it, is saying something. I
might have a different tone when it all
melts down into our crawlspace,
but it's great for now. With the
warm air, the ice should form a good
glaze and be near perfect for night skating
when the temp cools, again. If you're coming
over, bring your skates! You won't be disappointed.

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Stan said...

Hey, I am glad that you placed a tombstone in memory of "Stanley", he deserves that, I would send flowers but do not know how much room you have in the tank. A second thought, noticed in the last couple postings, you have made reference to the people of Spanish origin, Latinos, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Spanish Americans, Messicans, as well as several other names. Have you had a recent encounter? Don't forget you are married to a Quarter and your daughters are an 8th. Wait until your favorite book, Plumma 101 comes out in Spanish. You may need to change your name to Senor Plumma! Your rink is looking good, hope this early spring blizzard does not mess it up. I am looking forward to your postings come mid April through June while you are waiting for the drying process to develop. Might want to put a couple of inflated tubes arond your apple tree to keep it from sinking. We all want some more of that Apple Jelly next fall. The gazebo is still standing, the snow on the roof is up to the top of the "lookout tower", I take a look each day thinkning that it may come down, I do not know what the structural strength of four 4"X4" is, but I know, I am not going to dig any holes to install additional support!

Stan said...

Oh, by the way Happy Valentines Day To you, to.

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