Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The newly enjoyed movie

Although a musical is not (ever) my kind
of enjoyable sit-through, one as of recent -
"Across the Universe" was a very good flick.
It was captivating even the second time I saw it.
Mostly Beatles music for soundtrack - that fit well.
I felt a tear for her boyfriend in "Let It Be" (not
to divulge) , but the jerk is in "all you need is love".
Watch it if you're undecided about which movie...

Paul McCartney playing a 1960 left-handed
cherryburst Les Paul.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

You sat through a movie? Twice??? Wow, that must be record for you as you are not one to land for that length of time. That fact alone must mean that it is a good movie! The Beatles did have a large impact in the industry, like I can remember seeing Elvis on t.v. the first time (Ed Sullivan SDhow), I also saw trhe Beatles get off the plane in New York City, a bunch of punks with long hair! They were radical and everyone went into an uproar about their apeparance, now we see guys my age with long hair, (has to have a small pony tail tied with a rubber band) and earrings, what is this older generation coming to? They are going to be the ruination of this country!

j, d plumma said...

Them long-haired hippies from London changed a lot of America's views, but then, what hasn't in the last 5 decades? Music has not spelled our generation - our generation has spelled music. Appearance still means a lot to prestige in our country, doesn't it? How blind we can be over different colored views...

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