Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When WILL you get up and set them free?


(Can't believe our 3 are still asleep!)

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Stan said...

Nice pics, I will just use my imagination as to what they were beside commercial ads for Angelfire.com! We were awakend by a little voice from Nebraska this morning at 5:00 a.m., wishing us a Merry Christmas. So, after a pot of coffee, a couple of hours of morning news, I am ready to hit the road! But, looking at the ole doppler and forecasts, looks like it is going to be a challenging drive. Blizzard warnings in this area, visibility to 1/4 mile with a big front moving in from Prince William which will put a lot of wind and snow into Turnagain - but no problem. I put a red lens on my snow plow light, have it mounted on the hood of my truck so it looks like Rudolph and we can always rely on "suzy" and breaking through the "whiteout conditions" on instruments. If planes can fly through this, I can drive it. Taking an extra blanket, loaded down with ham, wine, fudge and other goodies so if we get stranded, we will be comfy and have out own Christmas dinner. Will be headed north by northeast as soon as granny gets up and around. See you in time for dinner - don't start without us.

Tormen Tagain said...

who do we set free? The kids? Or the packages?
Merry christmas to you!

Valette said...

Merry Christmas, John!

Stan said...

Hey mister, your box is jumping up and down!

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