Monday, December 24, 2007

I finally finished the lighting

This much is true.

We ironed the stockings
and cleaned out the flue.

Made cheerful goodies,
delivered to friends,
Finished the shopping -
the fun never ends.

Looked out the window.
By God, it had snowed!

Our sled hill was waiting
for fun in the cold.

Tomorrow is Christmas.
We'll open our gifts
As soon as the driveway
is shoveled of drifts.

Opened the door
with no sound to hear.
Could this be about all

the fun I would fear?

Is this an open invite?
Should we go play?
Before all the snow
is melted away?

The end of '07
is coming quite near.
Will we have quite
so much fun this next year?

Thinking it's close,
missing fun in our fears,

The calendar, next week,
says "Happy New Year's"!

Sure, there'll be chores.
Some work to be done.
The pies must be made
before having our fun.

We'll eat and be merry,
loosen our belts,

Take sleds to the hill
and get a few welts.

If, by chance, we don't greet
and phone calls are few,
Just keep in your minds
that we're thinking of you.

With missed ones in mind
while donning our glove,
Merry Christmas Eve
to all that we love.

john r mclay

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

You are getting to be quite the poet, I would hope that you are scrap booking your writings to enjoy in later years by yur grsndchildren!

Heidi said...

I can't wait to spend 2008 with you!

Shana said...

Merry Christmas and A wonderfully Happy New Year to you too dearest brother in law...Thanks for the poem it made me smile. See ya in a few hours for LOTS of FUN FOOD FRIENDS FAMILY and LOVE....

FishTaxi said...

Even you name rhymes.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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