Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The company's party was a GAG!

Saturday night party was good fun with good people.
Say there's a gift "auction" at said party - and the
better the gag, the better the fun, right? So we're
told - and carry it (within reasonable

limits - right!? The midget blow-up was beyond
these limits, I'm sure). All had a good time
regardless of the fact I was distracted by
shots with Shane, Slade, etc.

and was "ignorant" of my
beautiful spouse for

short periods.

I was instructed to buy a bottle of Boone's - but was
distracted (ADHD) by other bottles while
searching for Maddog 20/20 (to no
avail). Also had the "Night Train"
thought...but was, simply, out of time -
(by now, you've probably guessed that

cheap crap was the forte of gifting in my mind) SAKE it is.
someone else supplied the Boone's Farm Strawberry hill.

The Texan got a shirt from the boss to remind him
of where he really is at this point in time.
Hard worker and a nice guy (in case you know a Texan that ain't).
The lemon drops in the survival kit he acquired might have
eased the blow a little -

but I doubt it.

The tree is up and decorated, now. Garland and
pretty balls
adorn the residence with Christmas glee.
Santa's helper has graced us with her company another
day, but I know her time is counted during this season and
she must be off about her chores. I, too, have chores that
must be attended to involving contractors, bosses, and

such. Seems hard to find any time to do our shopping
in the next 2 weeks - how do we all do it?

Hope your wishes come true by the 25th
no matter what it takes.

4 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

I highly doubt I will get the five days of peace and quiet with no one around that I have asked for...that is one day for each family member...enough to regain some energy that they suck out. So since this probably wont happen...all I am asking for is that NO ONE enter my house between now and the 26th of December with an issue that is negative and nasty....Just a peace treaty by family should not be to much to ask .

j, d plumma said...

Okay! You start first....

Stan said...

I am never nasty nor negative, quite the opposite can I come visit you? But, only if you got some sticky buns made!

Stan said...

I did not realize that they still make Boone's Farm - I never see it on any of the wine lists when I visit restaurants! I checked it out, I understand that the October 2007 was a great vintage of the Watermelon Boone's Farm. According ot the article, due to
the hot summer in the watermelon belt, the fruit was at it's prime for the wineries. Might be a good investment to find a bottle and stow it away for ten years or so and then put it on eBay.

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