Saturday, December 08, 2007


The dictionary deems ;
"something designed to deceive and mislead"

I also know that this is a humbug:
Eliminates frequency disruption on video cable

Technical Specifications

ALSO - a fish,
(Humbug Dascyllus)

A minty, anise candy,

A mountain,

And a place in Arizona

These people are, definitely, not humbugs -
just have ugly Christmas lights.

I haven't even run into a scrooge this season - making
it difficult to have the attitude, myself. We'd like to
be down with the family in Homer, but the drive
has the potential of grinching anyone's spirit.
It is, also, a short work week (3 days)
that will most likely be worked.
Safe to say we'll be here (LA)
for Christmas - still a safe
bet no humbugs live at our house.

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Stan said...

I know the area of Humbug on the Oregon Coast, if my geography is correct it is just north of the BA JA Peninsula. Happy holiudays, no humbugys hanging around here.

Stan said...

Thank you.

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