Monday, October 15, 2007

Not to tease mother nature...

But, if this is winter coming on, I'm not shaking in my boots, yet.
Sure it froze pretty hard last night, but 40 degrees is still achieved
during daylight hours. All the rain for a couple of days helped
make that nice, black ice sheet on highways and side streets
that has NOT been missed for 5 months (or so). Some of us have
a hard time accepting this change of season as well as we do
spring bloom. If everyone could be so excited about the snow
more people would fill the best hills for our boards and leave
less room to carve the fresh stuff. Therefore, I leave an ear to
listen to dismays of the season - absorb the disgruntled frowns
with a security in thinking that they won't be the ones marking
up a fresh-snowed hill that awaits (as history proves)
a good carving.

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Stan said...

75 degrees today, fall has not hit this part of the country and winter is along ways off - hmmm, now I wonder do I want black ice, freezing at night or sitting on the porch in the late evening. listening to the crickets as I sip a late evening cup of coffee and smoke a butt - in just my shirt. The coat,the vest that I was wearing down the Alcan is packed away in a suitcase for a day that I will need them again.

Shana said...

Well Christmas just is not Christmas without snow....I know!! I like the four seasons of Alaska...even if some of them are VERY short.

JD Plumma said...

Sorry. I'm still trying to shake that "..smoking a butt - in JUST my shirt..." image drawn by the commenter. I don't feel so good.

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