How much (in quantity) anti-ice chemicals/agents do we
pour/sprinkle on the earth in a given winter season?
Millions of tons of calcium chloride are made each year in
the US ALONE - for many different uses.
CaCl 2 ·2H 2 O;
it is used to melt ice on roads, to control dust, in brines
for refrigeration, and as a preservative in foods.

How many of these "spreaders" have you seen at office
buildings, malls, etc. that distribute CaCl 2 ·2H 2 O for
our cars' traction and footing "safety"? Are we adding
to our global dilema? The US is "responsible" for 20 percent
of this well-known warming pattern (scientists theorize).

I wonder how much of this is spread out over runways
and roads in Antarctica? How soon will it be before palm
trees are growing (again?) there?

One of these days, we might find ourselves missing the
ice and snow that so many of us are disturbed by each
winter season. We should consider this fact when we spread
our favorite chemical on the driveway this year.

You know I will be using the kind that sticks around the longest....
right after I get a mocha bean (or two).

This blog is posted in recognition of October 21 - National Babbling Day.

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Shana said...

So what is it John Boy recommends I non skid my drive way with...that will not increase the global issues at stake?? Mocha beans??

Tormen Tagain said...

We don't use de-icer here at our household. Instead we opt to first make sure all snow is adequately thrown from the driveway with our spanking big fossil fuel running mechanical powerhouse of a thrower which has been manufactured at a variety of industrial steel mills etc. throwing large quantities of shtuff skyward and probably an even larger amount of shtuff into the streams around them.
Then for the ice we have just purchased brand newly manufactured rubber studded tires from a store that uses far too much lighting which stays on for absolutely no good justifiable reason way after business hours.
But I heard it said once or twice that conservation and responsibility start at home. So in respect to that we have opted not to use any sort of chemical or even salt on our driveway and walkways. Now we don't feel guilty for polluting or salinating our salmon streams. And, the added ice cover helps reflect the heat so that it isn't absorbed into and retained by the ground much as a glacier or the frozen tundra does so we've been able to do our part in helping curb warming on a local level.
I sure feel vindicated now so I'm gonna go have a brew that's bottled in a um, bottle, that was produced using a huge amount of natural gas in it's manufacturing process. But it was done no where near my home.
Pop, fizz, ooooh yeah. Ahhh, Now that tastes good.

Stan said...

I am going to buy me some of that CaCI2-2H 2 0 when I get home or maybe I can get it down here at Walmart. Ihave always wangted to b uy a bunch of it but I did not know the name or what to ask for so I am sure now that I know it is CaCI 2 2H 2 0 any clerk at Wally World will be able to help me find it - would it be in the gardening section?

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