Anyone would seem content to sit and read in the sun - cooking the
"halibut white" from our skin for the few hours available involving
the rare, elusive idle clock moments of time.
There might have even been lemonade present.

One balloon was tossed, and then it all began....

Happy to say that all the "splash-free" zones had little
(if any) influence from the drenching. Would post more
pictures, but most of the guys had their shirts off and
the show would have to change the rating.

Then we ate cake and ice cream and sang for Heidi.

Some may have been forcibly made wet during the duration
of the waterfest, but it nowhere near compares to previous
escapades on Amber Gate.

now, back to the regularly scheduled show in progress....

3 opinionated prattle:

Shana said...

okay so not nearly as much water was thrown at Upland...but Kimmy was smart and stole the no one could turn it to the green muck in the half full hot tub...and a BIG green bucket...which dumped on me at least twice!! watch Nat when that girl throws...she has aim and an arm!!!!

Stan said...

Could I simply ask, "where are the boat races results?"

JD Plumma said...

The McLay girls finished second in their heat, but the boat is nowhere near sunk. Our hull is in the garage - to be sunken when limited clan members gather at the lake.

The editors are working on video footage as we speak. Time, grasshopper, time.

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