Thursday, May 03, 2007


This is the new Pet Of The Week. He/she was found by Byrd in a box in the garage. Poor thing couldn't get out. I "helped" him out of the box with leather gloves which, I'm sure, gave him comfort knowing he had found a good home in a very small (10 gal.) containment. He has to feel much more secure and protected than living in the great big world of the garage. Grandma (sensibly) said, "He IS a wild animal, and might not survive in captivity...that's still better than him chewing up all of our stuff in the garage!", which Byrd seemed to take rather well.

This is a picture of him "side-hilling" the turf in his/her terrarium. I just open the top, and he is SO excited to see us - jumping in the air, running circles, hiding in the TP dowel (or, he's trying to get out). To date his diet includes, but is not limited to, saltine crackers, peanut butter, and lettuce (no little fingers, yet).

Another note - Girl Scout bridging was a success last night. The Mother-in-law unit has been a big help at the home front, and has been appreciated greatly. She took a few vids and pics of the event. Another leader of the troop told me that she can't wait for "Heidi to get back and organize/be at the next meeting, Wednesday".
I piped in, immediately, with facts supporting the freedom of my woman. I assured the lady she IS the leader, and to take the reins. You could almost see the tension roll over her. Anyway, Heidi probably has lots of time and energy - from the recent "vacation" and all - to organize everything but the other leader's confidence and sensibility. We will all be happy to see those two, but are trying to not leave chores or meetings hanging for them to straighten out upon their return - they have enough to think about.


D's new school for next year - Begich middle school - is a
GORGEOUS building. The "open house"
(D and I looked in every door that wasn't locked - open, right?)
Indoor track above the gym,
large stage for performances, nice colors and design.
She is jazzed about attending this August.

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Stan said...

A fine looking pet it is, but not as cute as that little girl scout! Try feeding your pet (mouse) a little cheese - everyone knows that mice like cheese.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the laugh. The new "lemon" (mouse) is awful cute. Tay and I are still laughing about the "Lemon" found in the toilet lid.
I can't beleive my youngest is now a Jr Scout, where does the time go. I hope the other leader held up to the pressure of a 20 minute bridging ceremony, and doesn't quit on me. Nect Jr high open house its my turn to go, I think they are haveing a fun day real soon, did you hear anything about that? Love you!!!

Kiana said...

Wow, Kimmy looks beautiful in that picture!

Glad you set that woman straight on Heidi having enough to do when she gets home. She sounds like a real peach, Heidi must love working with her, haha.

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