Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ice rink link

OK. Here's your links.

The lighting was hung by the ice rink with care
The support poles, however, were questionably held there.
To seal the rink off took duct tape and tricks.
From there, I kept flooding it - wish I took pics.
When April came on, the pipe took a lean.
I drilled down 12 inches - shoulda gone 18!
My dog even listened - without touching his bone
and swears he could hear each bent support groan.

Some family said, "drain the water away"
So I dug in some channels - they just run the wrong way.

Sure as I was done with the slush and the muck,
my bat'ry was dead - and my four-by was stuck.

more directions for the rink here.

All complaints for lack of linking should be filed here.

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Stan said...

I bet the neighbors appreciate you irrigating their yard for them, saves on their water bill. Have you ever considered tapping into their ourdoor power outlets to light your rink? Perhaps, with a little work this summer you can convert this to a swimming pool and thern let it freeze for an ice rink in the winter - would save you a lot of construction time and better use of our natural resources. With the spread of global warming, we may be facing weater shortages.

Shana said...

Weater shortages would suck...whatever wheater is...
John your spose to be chipping and shovelling not playing...your grounded...go to your room with no friends and think about your actions...hehe I would love to hear that...I would think forever...I learned...

Kiana said...

It's all melted in my yard finally! It MUST be gone from your yard by now too.

At some point I want some grafting lessons from you guys. We looked into that a lot last summer but never actually did it.

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