Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter Brew

The winter’s brewing on - the daylight's coming back.

No time to sit 'cause time is gone. It's hard of keeping track.

The berms piled way up high. About 3 months to go.

No more precipitation nigh! Where WOULD I put the snow?

The pussy willows got a start with 50 here last week.

They went back to frozen heart - without a simple shriek.

The kids are getting tired of school. The ice rink's rarely wet.

The temperature is warm - but cool - how good can winter get?

The sleds are worn a little more (a few are mostly cracked).

Some winters fill with endless bore where this one seems it lacked.

On with snow! On with cold! Summer is hard to see.

More playtimes I’d like to hold before leaves are on tree.

The trees will grow and things we know will all warm up again.

We’ll roll around on grass - not snow - and soak the sun up, then.

‘Til then, our eyes will be snowbound and not look on the past.

We’ll think of summer’s easy sound that always seems too fast.


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MOM said...


Stan said...

Very Good John, and the picture worked in perfectly. I envy those that can write effectively in the poetic form. "Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, Carnations are White, White is so Bland, I wanna see green all over the land"! I am good, huh?

JD Plumma said...

good, stan. good.

JD Plumma said...

but, the nature of my rhyme is the snow is good for now. I haven't broken myself on the board, yet

Stan said...

I assuere you sir; winter is not over and you will have plenty of time to break something - if not you will be sucessful at the HITWRA come spring.

Damon said...

What a great photo. Brrrrr!

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