Friday, February 09, 2007


There seems to be a lot of "john mclay"s to be found online. I would like to go on record as not being ALL of these found. Although some are festival directors, some are writers, and some can be found from 1851, my name ( and grandfather's ) seems to come up more often than hopscotch! Well - not really. I was just seeing if you're a link-looker.
Anyway - if john mclay would kindly change his/their name (or, blog me (sorry valette) we MIGHT get along.

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Stan said...

At 3:oo am, I will check your video out tomorrow, however, I did check your "links", you are right, there is a bunch of John McClays listed, according to my count a total of 166,000 of which half of them are on the register as being wanted by law enforcment officials, but rest easy, you only made that list 88 times.

Stan said...

However, I did make enough time before I started falling asleep to check out your alias names, for Plumma there are 552 hits. For JD Plumma, there are 66 hits. You got any other names?

JD Plumma said...

Only 76 out of those 88 listed achievements are legitimate and the other aliases are not submittable.

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