Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mysterious tools

These tools are actual fact but the mind can wander(wonder) of what they do.

Tool A : What is it?

Tool B : what is it?

Any good guess, and I'll save some SPAM for you!

Anyone wonder what is happening in downtown LA for Fur Rondy? Check out the live cam.

And anyone that missed owning a Bing Bang Boing in the '70s can build their own and use hours of important time doing next to nothing with balls and rubber. Check the link(s) on the left.

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Stan said...

Tool A: Is an early proto-type of a tool that is carried in the tool box of all Pumma's. It is a "pipe cutter"

Tool B: Is also a tool carried by all good Plumma's, it is a dual bottle cap opener so the Plumma can open two bottles of beer at a time.

Stan said...

The Anchor Point Snow Rondi will be held throughout next week, with the weekend being the highlight. Unlike the Fur Rondy, we cannot afford to set up a live cam but we will have someone roaming around taking Poloroid snapshots of the events. Big event on Friday night. After eleven weeks of Texas Hold'em Tournaments the Championship Round will be held that evening. Out of a field of 29, I will be be going into the finals with the second largest chip count, just $25.00 short of the high chip count. I give myself about a 10% chance of winning the final round!

JD Plumma said...

Tool "A" is not a pipe cutter, but looks as such, and tool "B" SHOULD be a bottle opener - but isn't.
Sounds to me you have better than 10% chance of winning - with 2nd highest chip count. You're, also, a Bullshitter. That alone should kick the percentage up.
What chance does the highest chip have?

JD Plumma said...

...if you play texas hold'em like you guess trivia, I would say your winning chances are diminishing...

Stan said...

You know, I really thought I had the first one guessed correctly. The second one, I did consider something to do with a nail, because of the claws but I had no idea that it molded around the head of the hammer. I have several antiques, but my "oldest" and "weirdest" one won't let me post any pictures of her.

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