Saturday, February 03, 2007

Only the strong survive

I noticed that the new kitty wasn't shown in pictures at her Mom's site.
We think this new kitty has a good chance of surviving it's new home, and should have pictures posted already.

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Stan said...

Look's like one bad cat to me, should be able to hold it's own with any dog. Is that the "new" mini mite AK47 hanging over the shoulder, I heasrd that it was being developed but did not realize that it was already on the market.

Heidi said...


real eyez said...

So far the dogs are living in fear and Hunter knows not to mess with his big sister's cat. As to where this new kitty named capt. Jack got his weapons it must have to do with the secret phone calls he gets late at night. Anyways we think he will fit in nicely in our home and all his little quirks like trying to kill us, will only make him more a part of our family.

JD Plumma said...

Ready for love! sleep with one eye open...

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