Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not too early to plan.

Upon receipt of many reports of the HITWRA, it appears that the snow-laden valley our recreational tendencies and abodes are in has had more snow in the past month than the last 5 winters compiled. One would think this could put a damper on Memorial Day fun for '07 with wetter grounds, higher water table, and a swollen glacier for natural air conditioning. It COULD drop our spirits - if we weren't a family to make the most of any given situation. Knowing that we are resourceful, fun-loving people, it is our duty - NO! Our privilege - to do whatever necessary that our children will enjoy themselves and remember us as a group that never gives up! Buffalo-headed, if you will.
There has, already, been some good ideas for recreational competition at our gathering for 2007 (for example - trailer jumping (which might have to be postponed if we cannot move it to higher ground). We have to add to our list of events in case some have been put on hold by Mama Nature. I have taken the responsibility of researching other events/competitions that would fit our circumstances come May :

Glacial drainage whitewater paddling. There is still time to get paddle training before Memorial Day.

Ice climbing / glacier viewing.Never too early/late to look down on the pit.

Just a couple of ideas.

Remember that we will probably have limited parking and
might need to carpool to the area if there is not enough parking provide by our camp host - who has been working diligently to clear our parking pad above.

There should be plenty of ice for drinks, although we might need a probe to find our beer in the glacier (probes will be available at the tour office).
Over all, we should have a good time with a new surrounding.
Remember - it's never too early to plan, the drinks should always be cold, and we should welcome the new influx of tourism bestowed upon us by nature.
Keep your chin up, your feet down, and prepare for some Memorial Day fun!!

Don't forget to donate to S.O.G. efforts so we can afford to present this wonder of nature for the summer, and beyond.

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Stan said...

How true, we may have to alter - but we will once again gather despite the conditions. Your concepts are all good, I especially like the canoe challenge, should have a good head of water running from the Kroc Pond to the Lower Kroc Pond - I really do hope that we can preserve the glacier - it will be great to have that option fort entertainment. All the activities that we have planned - we may need to extend the Memorial Day week by several days, like to the 4th of July Week.
As a sidebar, I see on my trusty doppler, that you are getting some good snow right now - we are clear! However, I just got a call a half hour ago, the snow load has taken down the deck awning at the video store. Current renters are stranded inthe apartment and can't get out - hey, my emergencvy crew consisting of one (me) will get to it but blogging has a priority. But, I guess I had better go fire up the plow truck and see if I can drag some of the debris away fromthe building and plow some of the snow off the deck and stairs - salvage is out of the question "get'er done" is more important as football is on. Guess I had best get to it.

Stan said...

As for signs, strange you should post that - two signs are already to go up - but I will keep those secret for your arrival.

Stan said...

I can now see why you are always excessive with dunnage - the 40 foot awning over the deck at the video store could have used some extra dunnage. When you have 20 metric tons of snow sliding off the main roof, dropping eight feet to the awning which is also laden down with ten metric tons of snow - five 4"x4" uprights to support the awning is not enough dunnage - snapped them like tooth picks. Didn't do the4 stair case any good either but the awning did come down in one piece. According to a reliable source, like the landlord, the awning will go back up tomorrow! Right!

JD Plumma said...

I know it will be/was a snap - due to your expert carpentry skills. Lack of structural knowledge, however, has kept you (for years) from collecting said dunnage that could fix it right. Feel free to dig some of mine out - provided it is above the HITWRA abode (not under it (s-t-r-u-c-t-u-r-a-l)).

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