"You should only feed a (gecko) so much, and no more! You never know what might happen!"Kym got a new crocodile gecko and tank for her B-day (selected with a gift card). Contrary to studied info on the species, it seems to like being handled. Just don't feed them too much - trust me!

We are very careful not to lose track of him, or let him go, because federal law prohibits the introduction of a species not indigenous to the natural habitat. I guess one variety of gecko (Arctic Blizzard Gecko) for the state is enough. I just hope the cougars don't move in from Canada, or these could become extinct.

if this is not enough, check out christmas light photography by "soulspin"
creative art.

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Stan said...

We will never get ANWRA open to drilling for oil, first the secret of Polar Pig is released and now the Arctic Blizzard Gecko. It amazes me what little knowledge our good friends at the Department of Fish and Game has when it comes to exotic species that inhabit our great state. Now that the secret is out about these two species, It concerns me that the other unknown species will also be discovered. Perhaps, this would be a good area for Roger the Ranger to patrol. We definitely need to increase the border patrol to insure no additonal cougars enter the state, perhaps the new requirement on January 1st requiring a passport to enter the U.S. from Canada or Mexico will help. I surely hope the new pet is securely caged prior to the arrival of Santa, I heard that they can spit a posionous salvia up to ten feet, don't want no downed Santa on Christmas morning, I still remember their cries over the dead gold fish - what would happen if they found Santa crumpled up on the living room floor?

Stan said...

Thank you very much for the early Christmas present - no Word Verificiation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Plumma

Stan said...

No where else to put this comment so I will build your count up - Ranger Bill has recently updated his blog as has Blonde Bear -

Stan said...

Heidi - I tried to post a comment on your site, after a half dozen attempts it would not accept my user name or password, then it told me I could get a google account. I tried "other" and "anon" and still kept getting an error reading. I have always used the "google/blogger" button and it has accepted my blogger id before.

Stan said...

How did I post three comments to your latest blog, thirty days prior to you posting the blog? Mental telepathy?

Anonymous said...

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Stan said...

You elimiate word verification and the same day you get spammed! Way to go Plumma! You know word verification eliminates that! I never get spam because I use Blogger Secret Security. No one every suspects it but it is always on watch over your site.

Stan said...

Again, Heidi, Itried to post and it wouldnot accept it. I just missed you at Ranger Bill's site, he made two postings the same day, actually three but he forgot to make any comments on his second posting. You need to read all the postings he made that day to get the full impact of Beaver, Utah, I think you will discover something that we can work with inthe future at the HITWRA. I think wwe need to adopt it as a "sister city".

JD Plumma said...

SPAMMMIT!! Which is worse?! wv or ads?

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