Roadrunner fans have probably already looked through this catalog of fine products, but few realize what large scale the company has become. The roadrunner does still show up to company picnics, though.

This might come in handy for the season, don't you think?

Ever heard about the village of Acme? Just 45 minutes North of Calgary, it officially became a village in 1910, and has grown to a population of 648. They even have a swimming pool.

The Acme name is on many industrial products you might find of interest.
You might have to open the pic to see this in it's full beauty. Imagine a smaller version, say, 3-4 cars on Upland Dr., LA? As soon as I save up 1.8 million dollars, it's mine!

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Stan said...

I would like to have one of these auto-parks for the Hole In the Wall Recreation Area. It would eliminate a parking problem as well as increase safety for hte little ones. Perhaps, we could pay for it by leasing a portion to State Parks, that way more campers could get into the campgrounds on Memorial Day Weekend, we could easily increase the number of campers by several hundred. With the vertical lift, we could also put Homer to work, he could do oil changes and lube jobs while the cars are onthe rack. How great is that, Park, Oil and Lube Job for $89.95 plus a free camping spot.

JD Plumma said...

I thought of the HITWRA, but made a greedy wish for myself...

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